Contract lawyers – A viable option

In the last few weeks, I have been asked by coaching clients how to address increased business without hiring an attorney full time before knowing that the flow of business will continue.

This is a great question. My responsive suggestion has been to hire contract lawyers, lawyers who are building their own practice or who want to work only part-time (for personal reasons) but still want to continue doing legal work.

See Elisabeth Schroeder’s article to learn more about this topic.

“Sometimes, a business — e-commerce enterprises among them — just doesn’t have the people power to meet some demands that may come up unexpectedly or that were anticipated from the start. This situation can arise for a number of reasons, from increased business to expansion to mergers.

When the demand for more minds and hands develops, using contract staff provides businesses with a flexible staffing alternative. Contractors allow for a temporary, and sometimes indefinite, expansion of the workforce for a particular project…”


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