Wearing a helmet can save your life: See the translation below

A Tennessee committee voted recently to advance a bill to the full state Senate that would allow motorcyclists older than 21 to ride without a helmet. At present, Tennessee is one of 20 states that have motorcycle helmet laws in place. Some interesting statistics have come from this debate:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2004, 66 percent of motorcycle riders killed were not wearing helmets in states without all-rider helmet laws, compared with only 15 percent in states with all-rider helmet laws. The organization also said helmets reduce the risk of death by 29 percent and are 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries to motorcycle riders.

Beth Broering, trauma coordinator at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, said it costs about $20,000 more to treat crash victims who aren’t wearing helmets compared to those who are.

Translation: It costs lawyers tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits if they fail to plan for their law firm’s future! The plan is the “helmet” of protection. More than that, though, the plan is the roadmap for your success!


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