Buying a Law Practice

Many attorneys are opting to what is common in other professions: buying an existing practice rather than starting from scratch. An existing business has a history of sales, revenue and operation costs and–despite what many think–studies show that, in spite of new ownership, customers of an existing business tend to continue their purchasing habits.

The following people often buy a law practice:

  • Attorneys who want to go out on their own in order to regain the personal touch and total involvement they’ve lost by practicing at a large firm
  • Law school graduates who have realized that finding a job is not as easy as it was in the 1980s and that they would like to have complete control over their success
  • Attorneys who are tired of waiting for partnership track at their current firm and would like to go out on their own

LawBiz® Management makes buying a law firm painless.

Recognized law firm strategist and author of practical guides to profit, Ed Poll, uses his 25 years of senior legal experience on all sides of the table, and 16 years of consulting and coaching, to help you:

  • Find a law practice that fits your needs
  • Act as a third party expert during negotiations
  • Maneuver the ethical considerations specific to buying a law practice and dealing with the rights of clients during the transition process
  • Complete all the Rules of Professional Conduct and State Bar regulations properly

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