Insecure rainmakers hurt your firm

Mark Maraia talks about insecure rainmakers in a recent posting.  He suggests that such partners hurt the law firm.

When reading his comment, I concluded that the term  "insecurity" is a bit misleading; perhaps the label isn’t important, just an analysis of the behavior.  The behavior manifests itself as ego-centric; it is a hoarding behavior that we see too often in firms, large and small. It is a mentality that the client is mine, not the firm’s. It is the opposite of the Kennedy paraphrase that a rising ocean raises all the boats in the ocean.

When a rainmaker is concerned that he/she may not be the top of your firm, and when the result of that feeling is that they do not help others rise in the ranks of the firm, Mark Maraia suggests t he law firm is injured by this conduct. I agree.

He continues, "How can you tell whether your rainmakers are insecure or whether they operate from an abundance mentality?  The ones who are truly secure are doing their best to help others increase their book of business.  The insecure ones don’t lift a finger to help others unless it’s in their own personal best interest.  The secure ones are vocal advocates for getting their partners the training needed to get to the next level while the insecure ones are detractors.  One byproduct of insecure rainmakers is seeing more future firm leaders and top producers leave their firms for other firms, or to start their own firms, or go in house."


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