Multitasking — More with less or Less with more?

Check out today’s Wall Street Journal, Marketplace Section (B1) in an article by Jared Sandberg. He talks about multi-tasking, a favorite activity of lawyers.

He says, “Multitasking, a term cribbed from comupters, is an information age creed that, while almost universally sworn by, is more rooted in blind faith than fact. It’s the wellspring of office gaffes, as well as the stock answer to how we do more with less when in fact we’re usually doing less with more. What now passes for multi-tasking was once called not paying attention.”

“‘It’s a matter not of if, but when, the multitasker will hit ‘reply’ instead of ‘forward.’ … The question is whether the mistake will be an annoyance or a catastrophe.’”


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