Having an ally helps increase your business

The internet continues to surpirse me. There is an incredible amount of free information available to help us run our business.  One might even fear getting run out of business because of all the information readily available without monetary cost.

That doesn’t seem to happen, however.  The more information available, yes, the smarter we get. That, though, merely makes us more sophisticated buyers. It doesn’t alter our need for the expert to help us wade through all this information to tell us what’s important, what’s not, and how best to use the important information. Further, since we all have different learning styles and learn at different paces, frequently we need a coach to assist. 

At one point some time ago, I personally was concerned about this.  But, I listened to and learned from those smarter than I … and sure enough, our coaching and consulting business continued to grow. This year will be the more productive year to date.

Perhaps one reason for this is that this vast array of information doesn’t provide us with an ally … someone to whom we are accountable. Being social animals, we prefer to work with someone, even as sole practitioners.  And, since most of us lack sufficient self-motivation to keep us going all the time, even in our own self-interest, being accountable to an ally provides us with the motivation to do great things in our own interest.

Now is the time to start thinking about 2007 … planning for your increased success … and reviewing to see if a coach would be helpful to you in this process.


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