YouTube and new technology

Many folks are beginning to use video on YouTube.  Political satire, personal journal-ing, acting and singing are examples of personal use of the "new" technology.

Law firms, especially sole practitioners, can’t be too far behind in this world where change is happening at an ever-increasing pace. For example, I was advised not to buy a new PDA because Apple will be releasing its new i-Phone in the next few months. My audio studio is more sophisticated, I’m told by an engineer, than most radio stations. Yet, it is now obsolete because of Panasonic’s new phone system which I just installed that allows me to do the same recording, and more, than I was able to do with the old system.

One can spend both a fortune in money and in time just keeping up. The goal:  Stay at the leading edge of technology  where it enables you to perform more or more efficiently the work that your clients value from you.  Know what the bleeding edge of technology will bring, but otherwise ignore it.


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