Law Firm Marketing During Crisis & Chaos

During an economic crisis, yes, some call it a depression, Heather Milligan has some cogent ideas to market your practice:

  • What are your clients’ key industry pubs reporting on today? Understand how the financial markets impact their companies.
  • If your clients/referral sources are at risk, call and see how you can be of service to THEM. Not just their companies, but THEM. If their company is on the brink of collapse or bankruptcy, their first concerns will be about putting food on their table, not who is handling the filings.
  • Face time. Face time. Face time. You need to be, and stay, top-of-mind with your key contacts.
  • For we marketers, time to start thinking about clearing our budgets of “unnecessary” items. Now might not be the best time to kick-off a rebranding campaign or overhaul the website. I’m not going to ask for a high-capacity color laser printer right now. End-of-year charitable contributions/tables-of-ten will soon be reaching your desks. How are you going to evaluate them?
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