Airstream progress update


We started with my wife’s dream of being part of the Airstream cult. After our first Airstream trailer was "totaled," we started over, almost literally from the ground up. I’ve discussed this before.

We expected to be on the road by this time … the progress is much slower than expected, and more costly…like any construction project that is twice as expensive and twice as long.  But our trailer is being built with care, love and creativity.

This picture is taken from the inside out towards the front window…(our living room)….the inside stainless steel skin is going to be riveted in place very soon!!!!  You can see the two 12 volt batteries in front, the box on the lower right is the tankless water heater/furnace, the box on the left is the base for the refrigerator and that is the bathroom sink….. not in place….just resting. 

We are very excited to see the progress……………………



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