Predictions from 2006 coming true?

In an email today, one of my readers said:   "Perusing your archives, I came across your March 2006 Newsletter (see article 2 C) with the title "What do you really do as a Lawyer" in which you talk about GM not listening to consumers and ending with words "predicting" ". . . GM’s bankruptcy."   How prescient you were (and hopefully "are")." 
What I specifically said was:  "What do you really do as a lawyer? You don’t practice law, you serve clients. General Motors, once the largest corporation in the world, lost sight of the fact that its real purpose was serving customers, not making cars. Before too long we may read about GM’s bankruptcy." 
The reference here was comparing GM with the service that lawyers need to provide in order to serve clients and grow their practice.  My comments then are still valid today. Except that now the prospect of a bankruptcy is real … In fact, one might say that the   (though not in the Court) has already taken place.
Thanks, Ross, for going back to see the future.

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