Lowering legal fees

Clients seek to control the costs of their legal challenges. According to a study by the Association of Corporate Counsel, as noted by Larry Bodine, corporate general counsel do so in the following ways: 

"The most common methods to control outside legal spending during the past year were: case/matter budgets (52.9%), discounted/alternative fees (52.9%), re-allocation of work to firms with lower rates (43.7%), billing guidelines/ spending rules (43.7%), and electronic bill reviewing and auditing (34.6%)."0

While reallocation of work seems to be an obvious choice, I’ve always wondered why more law firms don’t do this. If you have several choices among quality law firms, why wouldn’t you go with the less expensive?  Perhaps because business is often based on relationships, and if there is a good relationship between client and counsel, the legal work may not go into play to find out whether there is a less expensive option available. This is often called "loyalty," the most desired state of affairs for vendor-partners.

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