Is everything o.k.?

I like Seth Godin’s response to this question:

"We spend so much time smoothing things out, we lose the opportunity for change, or for texture or creativity. Instead of working so hard to make everything okay, perhaps it is more helpful to work hard at living with a world that rarely is."

When things are out of sync, that is the time to seek change for improvement … what a concept! 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really been taught how to live with tumult and "not o.k."  Another term for this is conflict avoidance, a phenomenon that most people understand and seek to emulate. How do we live in a world with conflict and still be o.k.?

What is the normal state of affairs in your law office? Piled on top of the anxiety of your clients and the pressures of seeking the best results possible for your clients, how does your team fare? Do you have a peaceful place of work where everyone likes and respects one another, treats one another as a healthy family? Or is there something missing from this picture? And, if yes, what can you do to change the picture? That might be a good project for 2009!


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