Indefinite detention

I normally refrain from any political observation or commentary. But, in a speech in front of the US Constitution, President Obama made an important observation. President Obama said: "Prolonged detention should not be the decision of any one man.." 

In other words, if several people agree, we can imprison people without charges and without power.  In Britain, 28 days is the longest someone can be detained without charges. Wow! I didn’t really appreciate the discussion in England when Tony Blair proposed 3 months’ detention as the maximum detention without being charged with a crime. The House of Commons finally adopted a 28 days standard. I guess I figured that discussion was there, and we don’t have that here, so not my problem.

But, we now have it here!!!! 

I’m sorry, but threat of future criminal activity has never been allowed in the US … But, then, perhaps I’m too much of a Constitution stickler … Some might call this "too liberal."  I call it "conservative." Conserving the principles of our founding ancestors who left such behavior to create a new, safer and more open society.

What happened to us?


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