Customer Service – It’s Everything!

In Friday’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article about Bert Lahr’s 1956 Broadway performance of Waiting for Godot.

The article was enticing and caused me to go to to order the mp3 download of the performance. I purchased the download, but had trouble viewing it. I went to Amazon’s "help" section and followed the instructions for over an hour … then I saw that I could contact them. They asked if I wanted email response, a phone call later or a phone call NOW.  I asked for the latter and within less than a minute received a call. Now, that is SERVICE!

The person must have been from India (after all, it’s a holiday week-end here <g>), but I could understand him. He offered to give me a refund or download the play again. I chose to download it again … after all, I did make the purchase because I wanted it. But, we still had trouble and what was downloaded did not appear to be what the WSJ review promised. So, without argument, protest or difficulty, the man said I would get a refund.

While I didn’t get what I wanted, my recourse is to go back to the journalist and determine what I didn’t understand. BUT, I was super impressed by the detail to service presented by Amazon. They will now address the issue for me on their end, I was not charged for something I didn’t get and I will sing their praises. (Oh, I guess that’s what I just did.) 

Amazon, thus, is not just a repository of books. That can be had in a library. But, they are a customer experience to satisfies. Congratulations to the folks at Amazon. I am one very pleased customer.

Do the clients of your law firm say the same thing about dealing with you? Is the experience of dealing with your law firm, despite the stress of their legal challenge, more than satisfying? Are they being cared for? Demonstrate that you care for them and care fully.

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