Love & Other Drugs

Just saw this movie … There are many levels to this film. First, Anne Hathaway, the female lead, is drop-dead gorgeous. It is impossible to take your eyes off of her (if you’re male. <g>). The guy’s o.k., too, but not my type. <g>

I thought this was going to be another "chick-flick," o.k. by me. But, it’s far more. It’s a condemnation of the drug industry on the one hand, and a very serious commentary about Parkinson’s disease and those suffering from it.

I went to see the film without knowing it’s subject. Just thought it would be a feel-good film without violence, a requirement of my wife to see a film together. 

Frankly, it hit far closer to home than I expected or wanted. It’s a film very much worth seeing … and I don’t say that lightly.


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