Legal services just got more expensive

Not bad enough that legal services are already expensive, but court closures resulting from budget cutbacks will make legal services of all kinds even more expensive. Alternative methods of dispute resolution will need to be engaged.  This is like a bad heart, needing new arteries created from exercise. But, we don’t know yet what the "exercise" will be to enable the cost of legal services to go down.  Will it be technology? Will it be alternative dispute resolution? Will it be "why can’t we all just get along?" attitude changes?

Marlo Van Oorschot talks about the cost of a divorce rising, as just one example. But, she puts it in terms that everyone can understand. 

More budget cuts are going to cause court closures in the family law department this year. This means the time and cost to bring a family law case to conclusion is going to increase. Unless an alternative means of resolving a case is implemented, parties should plan on spending two years and their children’s college education funds waiting to have their day in court.

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