7 Easy Steps to Getting Paid

You’ve worked hard to address the challenges brought to you by your client.  You’ve put other matters aside to deal with his or her crisis.  You‘ve achieved their desired results.  And now, they’ve become a slow payer or non-payer.  Why?  What could you have done to prevent this, to know from the very beginning that they would not pay you as agreed, and to assure that you will finally get paid?  Failure to get paid, or low realization rate, is the bane of most lawyers.

See Collecting Your Fee: Getting Paid from Intake to Invoice, written by Ed Poll at the request of the American Bar Association.  Learn what to do at the very beginning to assure you get paid, learn how to anticipate whether your client will pay in accord with your agreement and learn what you can do if the client suddenly becomes a slow payer.


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