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Failure is usually management’s fault

Today, Consumers Reports published a study that listed the top ten cars … None of them were American owned.

Some have concluded that the lack of quality in American cars is the reason for the current disfavor of American manufacturers. And that lack of quality is directly laid at the doorstep of unions.

That view has been expressed by a friend of mine, Terry Brock, in his blog post today. If you want a different perspective, read on.

The question, however, for our readers is how does this apply to law firms? The answer, I believe, is simple: You must provide a quality product/service to your clients. They must understand what you do and how you do it. They get this understanding only because of the way in which you AND your staff conduct yourselves. There is no management and staff … there is only a team that creates quality service and work product for the benefit of our clients.

I love the phrase, “No man is an island unto himself.” And that is particularly true in delivering legal services to appreciative clients who pay their bills on time and refer their colleagues to you for more services. (more…)

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Success Lessons from Life – Steve Fossett

Recently, I saw the news item about Steve Fossett flying around the world. The record-setting flight by this 61 year-old man was amazing.

But, it took Terry Brock, a friend of mind and techie guru, to put his flight into proper perspective for me.

Here are Terry’s thoughts on the “Success Lessons” to be learned from Fossett’s flight experiences: (more…)

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The 5 C’s

I wrote about the 5 C’s that banks use to determine the creditworthiness of a loan applicant.

Here Tom Collins brings to light the 5 C’s of selecting outside counsel by corporate general counsel, written by Robert S. Burns.

See the article for further explanation.

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Good to Great with SOX?

The Wired GC quotes Fortune Magazine on 5 ways to jump start a career in law.

Interesting that, from the perspective of General Counsel, one’s career may be tied to the Sarbanes Oxley law.

If you represent, or want to represent, Corporate America, knowledge of this law is essential.

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Lawyers may quiver at this:

Only change is certain! And, of course, every change brings with it opportunity – for someone!

Here’s a quote from a recent article in London that should have lawyers quivering who think that law is only a profession and not a business as well: (more…)

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Anti-affirmative action is having a toll

In a recent survey, it’s been shown that fewer attorneys of color and other minorities are going to law school in California. This is because of the impact of Prop. 209 (anti-affirmative action proposition adopted by the voters), according to some. (more…)

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