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Collecting Your Fee

Amazon.com just sent me an email to say that they have only one copy left of Collecting Your Fee: Getting Paid from Intake to Invoice, a very popular publication of the ABA.

Though they also say in fine print that there are more copies en route, I think this is a very clever way of marketing. Create scarcity and people will want more, so the theory goes. (more…)

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Management reports

What management reports do sole and small firm practitioners look at to determine how well they’re doing?

Your question is a very good one. There is much data out there … and most good systems can and do produce far more information / data than an attorney can use .. or assimilate intelligently. (more…)

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Internet taxes

An interesting issue arises when a travel company such as Expedia buys wholesale and sells retail. What is the amount of tax that is owed to the City, the taxing agency? (more…)

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Internet tax — is it coming soon?

The “Streamlined Sales Tax Project” is moving its way through Congress. The objective is to charge the prevailing sales tax rate of the cusotmer’s home-state jurisdiction and pass the tax money along to the appropriate statehouse.

There is much opposition, especially from e-Bay users. The issue is: Should internet buyers/sellers be treated differently from brick & mortar sellers? And there is much pressure from the states wanting more revenue.

Before getting to the mechanics of the process, it seems this basic question must be answered first.

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The $.39 reminder

Thank you, Matt, for the reminder that a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) may go a long way to get your bills paid more quickly.

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26% of Your Profitability Is In Your Hands

Is your firm as profitable as it could be? How does it measure up vis-a-vis its peer group? And what defines that “peer group,” precisely? Do you ever wonder what you could do to improve its margins? Structurally or strategically, precisely what would that entail?

A very interesting article. Worth the time to read … and study the underlining information.

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Creating your personal income statement

Money is a good topic for the beginnging of 2006! And, particularly, it’s important to know if/how much you personally contribute to the health of your law firm. See my latest article in the December 2005 edition of the ABA’s Law Practice Management Magazine. Can your firm afford to keep you?

This edition is an outstanding resource that addresses various aspects of running a law practice successfully.

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D.C. Court says lawyers are not covered

D.C. Circuit Uses Scalia Analogy: Lawyers Not Covered under FTC Privacy Disclosure Rule

(The ABA Journal, in an article written by Terry Carter, tells us about the new ruling in favor of the BAR.

The Federal Trade Commission engaged in “attempted turf expansion” beyond its authority when it sought to regulate lawyers through a statute requiring financial institutions to send privacy disclosure notices to customers, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said Tuesday. (more…)

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