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Five Cards & Three Feet

Today Ed talks about a basic sales mantra: "Meet People! Meet People! Meet People!" He shares how Five Cards and Three Feet can help do this.

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Managing Client Expectations

Ed discusses the three key areas to address in managing client expectations.

1.) Use the initial consultation to gauge a client’s wants and whether you can meet their wants.
2.) An attorney’s responsibility is to match what the client needs with what the client perceives they want.
3.) A monthly status report is a simple, yet critical tool to keep clients informed. –An attorney can monitor the monthly status reports to guarantee that the clients needs and wants are being met.

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Client Communications

Communication is the single most important issue to consider when keeping your clients happy. From the initial conversation with your receptionist until the case is closed, Ed explains what you need to do in order to ensure that the client is satisfied with your communications with them.

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The real reason that clients refer their law firms is because they are satisfied with the service they receive. Good client service is responsible for about 46+% of all referrals.

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Client expectations – Road to Revenue National Tour

The Oregon State Bar (OSB) Association was at its most hospitable best. The standing room only group of lawyers shared their experiences as I talked about how to create stronger bonds of loyalty between client and lawyer.  When I asked why we should care about this issue, two very poignant answers were shouted out:  i)  We’d like to get paid and an unhappy client won’t pay their bill; and ii) when we deal with disappointed clients, disappointed in us, not the other party to the transaction or result of the matter, our own stress goes through the roof!

Increased revenue and decreased stress, two outstanding reasons why we should care … I think the members of this audience hit it on the nail!

Next stop is Seattle … come join us if you’re in the area..

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