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LawBiz® Legal Pad: The Times, They Are a Changin’, Part 2

Ed Poll discusses the effect that the new reality or the consumer market and the corporate market have on the legal profession.

Consumer Market

~The consumer market includes divorce law, personal injury law and debt collection.
~The consumer market is more commodity based; more standardized; therefore more cost sensitive than other practice areas.

Corporate Market

General Council have become more sensitive to total legal costs due to pressure from CFOs and CEOs.
~Corporations are cutting back on the number of firms handling their business in an effort to control costs.
~The conversions factor is pressuring outside firms to become more efficient

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LawBiz® Legal Pad: Senior Olympics

A few weeks ago, Ed competed in the cycling events at the Senior Olympics. Today, Ed reflects on how that experience relates to his professional life and the Business of Law.

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