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LawBiz Newsletters and free chapters from 2 books!

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Sign up for LawBiz newsletters, and receive a free chapter each from Life After Law and The Profitable Law Office Handbook! Thank you for reading my blog posts. Did you know I also have a weekly newsletter, with hints, tips, comments, suggestions and useful ideas you can use every day in your law practice? You… Continue Reading


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Developing your practice and business will always be a priority.  This week, Ed shares tips about how networking can help you do this.… Continue Reading

Happy Labor Day

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During the Labor Day holiday, we spent some time traveling to several “food spots” in Los Angeles that were highlighted by the food editor of the Los Angeles Times.  One of them was Bulgarini Gelato, maker of one of the best gelato delights we have had; another was The Oinkster, serving pulled pork as good… Continue Reading

LawBiz® Legal Pad: Why Marketing Matters for Lawyers, Part 1

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Factors to Consider When Marketing You Firm: -Have a Marketing Plan -Consider the commonality between you and prospective clients. -Play the Numbers Game -The more people you can get in front of; the better the chance of someone engaging you. -Build a quality referral sources -Understand that people learn differently -Connect with other professions who… Continue Reading

Where does a golfer go to retire?

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At some point, you will say, “What kind of life do I want to live?”  In a recent article in the Los Angeles Times (Thursday, August 14, 2014), a retired “workaholic” entrepreneur said “’You cannot not have a plan when you retire.’” He turned to retirement; though he didn’t plan it that way, he traded… Continue Reading