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Ageism Is Not the Answer for the Legal Profession

Posted in Management, Marketing
For the 2013 academic year, law school admissions were headed for a 30-year low, a decline driven by student worries about rising tuition, debt load and unemployment after graduation. Potential law students increasingly understand that today it is a fool’s gamble to spend many thousands of dollars in the hope of getting a well-paying job… Continue Reading

Language is Everything

Posted in Personal Thoughts
For growth and expansion, there are two philosophies:                Trail your growth (conservative), or                Hire for the future (confident and assertive) For troubled times, there are two philosophies:                Slow to hire                Quick to fire  Lawyers should do only two things:                Market for new business:                               Only they know if they want… Continue Reading

Public Justice versus Private Judges

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances
Justice should be free. However, the State of California has just cut the budget of its court system by more than $500 million!  Litigants will be left to fend for themselves.  One blogger suggests that private judges are not expensive when comparing the speed of justice in a private matter with the delays and increased… Continue Reading

Is Coaching for You

Posted in Management, Marketing
If you haven’t already, I suggest reading “Personal Best” by Atul Gawande on Dr. Gawande examines the need for and nature of coaching for professionals of all walks of life. Musicians and singers, he points out, think of their coaches as “outside eyes and ears”. They hear and see things that even the best… Continue Reading

Will the internet replace newspapers?

Posted in Technology
When you read the news, or when you thumb through a catalog, you are exposed to new ideas and suggestions you might not have thought about before. When you shop or read the news on the internet, you are focused on the one item or idea you started with. That is limiting. Thus, there is… Continue Reading

Language is everything

Posted in Management, Marketing
From Michael Bryant of CTS Consulting in Baltimore comes these gems of phrases to ditch now: It isn’t fair. Translated: I didn’t get my way. I’m too busy. You’re not “too” busy; you’re as busy as you are. “Too busy” means I over planned, or over promised.… Continue Reading

“First, we kill all the lawyers … “

Posted in Marketing
This famous quote from Shakespeare is used by politicians seeking to divert attention from any issue of controversy. Of course, what they fail to quote is the balance of that sentence, “… if we want to control the society.” Ronald Reagan, while governor of California, used this tactic quite effectively. And, of course, he failed… Continue Reading

Where are all the women going?

Posted in Management
A recent article in WSJ suggests that "Women in Finance Shrink." It’s clear that women up for reelection may not all win their elections, thus reducing the number of women in Congress. And law firms have difficulty retaining women as they become more senior…and, proportionately, women are not advancing in the ranks of management as… Continue Reading

Law School Education

Posted in Management
Join us on LawBiz Forum in the discussion about legal education and the current reexamination of its efficacy for teaching management skills for success.  Will the law school tumble into the morass of being a trade school (heaven forbib!) by including such skills in its curriculum? Let us know what you think …… Continue Reading

Law practice and golf

Posted in Management
If you’re a golf fan, you’ve just witnessed an outstanding competition. Whether you support Tiger Woods or are turned off by his personal challenges, you have to admit that he causes the sport of golf to be viewed by many more people than when he’s not playing.   I just read an article about a… Continue Reading

The End of Lawyers?

Posted in Management
Richard Susskind has written a book suggesting that lawyers may become obsolete unless we make some dramatic changes.   I see nothing unusual about his conclusion … that legal work will be unbundled and that the work that is more mundane and routine will be systematized and perhaps even automated. Technology advances provide us with… Continue Reading

Plumbers must take as many hours of education as lawyers

Posted in Management
In an article I wrote for February 2009 issue of  The Bottom Line, the publication for the Law Practice Management & Technology Section of the State Bar of California, I discussed the continuing education requirements for lawyers as contrasted with others such as plumbers, et al. The article was a follow-up to piece to comments… Continue Reading

Even Big Solo can fail

Posted in Management
Failure can be experienced by small firms as well as large firms.  In the case of Dreier, the real shame is not that Dreier failed – he committed fraud and there is nothing new about fraudulent conduct causing failure … and even jail. The sad part of this tale is what happens to other lawyers… Continue Reading

Panic attack

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management
The economic crises has finally hit home. People I know are talking about October and November as being months when the world stopped!  … and they couldn’t get off.  No one seems to know what is going to happen next. I met yesterday with managing partners of several major law firms in my Managing Partners… Continue Reading

The Power of Nice

Posted in Management, Marketing
Linda Kaplan was another leader who appeared at the National Speakers Association. She is a legendary marketing guru and founder of The Kaplan Thaler Group, a billion dollar advertising agency. Her book, The Power of Nice, is a best seller. Unlike Leo Durocher’s famous statement that "nice guys finish last," she believes that "nice girls… Continue Reading

AVVO runs into roadblock

Posted in Management, Marketing
Larry Bodine reports from the Illinois State Journal-Register: "Who’s licensed to practice law in Illinois? None of your business. That’s what the state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has told a Seattle company that wants to post the names of lawyers on the Internet and assign grades based on performance, awards, experience and disciplinary records.… Continue Reading