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On Line Banking is Suspect

With the many stories of hacking into computers, i have always been concerned about entering into on-line banking. I have risked being called "Neanderthal" about my opposition to going on to the Internet to do banking for fear that someone might be able to see my trail/tracking and follow me right into my bank account.

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Email — Hoarders vs. Deleters

See today’s Wall Street Journal, Part D, Personal Journal:

There are two kinds of people getting email: The Hoarders and The Deleters!

Hoarders keep every email, judging their self-worth by the number of their retained emails.
Deleters get rid of most of their emails, wanting a very clean electronic environment.


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Blogging – A contrarian view

Alan Weiss, noted management consultant, also known as The Contrarian(r), has negative vides about blogging:  "Give it time. You can see that blogs are on the decline. There are too many, not enough time, and too  much useless opinion. Rushing into any new technology or approach rarely gives you a market advantage and can sap your resources."

While I would not go so far as Alan does, it is clear that blogging is very expensive.  See my earlier blog and my writing  (check out the archives), where I point out that a modest time commitment to blogging will cost you close to a $100,000 per year! That ain’t cheap! Better compute the benefits you receive from blogging, that infamous ROI principle.

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Where technology may fail

Good advice, from Alan Weiss, noted business management consultant:  Keep serial numbers and service numbers on hard copy readily available. They do no good on your computer if your computer or monitor has failed. And you don’t want to go digging around when time is scarce.

Sometimes "paper" is better than technology, even if only as a backup.

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