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Law Firm Technology Tips

Albert Einstein said that "… (technology is) this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier …" Here are a few such tips for consideration:

1.   Radio-frequency identification tags for your luggage will increase the chances of keeping your luggage and tracking it if/when lost.

2.   New workplace trend:  Use a gym ball in place of a chair. Ergonomic consultants suggest that gym  balls help strengthen one’s abdominal and lower back muscles as well as improving posture. Technology has helped design some of the fancy chairs now being sold for egonomic benefits. Going back, however, to some of the old ways may be the real solution to back and other medical ills.  Einstein went on to say that technology  fails to bring us happiness "…because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it." The gym ball may be one example of "sensible use" of existing knowledge.

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Law firm management – Use of cell phones

Cell phones are ubiquitous  – In fact, I fear the next generation of young folks may be born with one arm at a 90 degree angle resulting from their parents seemingly being in a permanent "cocked arm" position .

However, there are things you can do with a cell phone that you may not have realized.  Check out the following:

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Legal Tech Show

The opening keynote for ALM’s LegalTech Show set a dramatic tone for the balance of the day and, I suspect, for the balance of the show currently in New York.

David A. Thomas, deputy assistant director of the FBI. (more…)

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Identity theft statistics

30% of ID theft occurs through lost or stolen wallets, checkbooks or credit cards.
    Moral:  Check your belongings frequently, especially your credit cards.

50% of all ID theft is perpetrated by friends, neighbors, employees, family members or relatives.
    Moral:  It’s always the folks who are close to us who have access to our personal information and,             most importantly, our trust to be in a position to take from us.

It takes 40 hours on average for a victim of ID theft to clean up the mess.
    That’s a lot of angst and incredible financial loss (multiply your hourly rate by 40 to know the number.

Approximately 11% of fraud cases are caught via credit monitoring reports.
    You’re entitled to a free credit report from time to time. Check it regularly to be sure your credit is still         intact.

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Adobe 8 – New version

I recently interviewed the business development manager for the legal market for Adobe

We talked about their new edition. His comments, I thought, were very interesting … and merit consideration for the upgrade if you’ve already got an earlier version.  I understand that there were some challenges in version 7 that have been eliminated in the new version.

The interview is scheduled to be featured here —- look here on Monday —- and on our web site.

I encourage you to listen. Adobe is more powerful now than ever before …  Adobe seems to be quite satisfied with the quality of their new version 8.

I’d welcome feedback on anyone’s experience with the new version 8. Contact me.

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Mr. Lincoln’s T-Mails

Technology has been cited as the cause for many things … from landing on the moon to winning a war. And, of course, technology has been blamed for many ills in the world … from overcrowded airwaves to cell phone use causing traffic accidents to crowded mail boxes, e-mail that is.

Now, a new book by Tom Wheeler, "Mr. Lincoln’s T-Mails: The Untold Story of How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War," suggests that President Lincoln used the technology of the 1860’s to win the Civil War. 


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Spam statistics are frightening!

According to Jeff Davidson, Spam is 90% of all emails.

Jeff further says that Postini, a U.S. email security company, says there were 7 billion spam emails worldwide in November compared to 2.5 billion in June. 

Wow!  With the holiday season upon us, be even more careful than usual!

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