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Blogging ain’t cheap!

In an earlier comment, I suggested that blogging can be a good marketing tool, depending on your practice area and your target market.

But, blogging is very expensive. In an article that I wrote for TechnoLawyer, I suggest that the cost is a minimum of $20,000 per year in lost billable time. And this figure is on the low side of today’s reality for most committed bloggers. Will this produce revenue of at least the same amount? Let’s hope, but there is no guarantee.

Consider all the factors. See the article to learn more.

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Business Competency for Lawyers got an airing in today’s webinar

Lisa Solomon today hosted a webinar where I presented on the topic of the Business Competency of Lawyers. More than 60 people signed up for a new experience. Technology is great when it works. 🙂

No one had to leave their office. And anyone with a question could ask it immediately. Great experience for me as the presenter and my thanks to both those who joined us and to Lisa for managing the webinar process.

For those who missed the program, it will be available within two weeks after the post-production process is completed. If interested, contact for further information.

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Telecommuting may be at risk

HP, one of the first (if not the first!) company to allow telecommuting, just announced that it was wiping out its IT telecommuting!

Most, if not all, of its 1000 persons IT staff around the world will now report to one of 25 offices nearest their homes. In some cases, this may mean quite a move, even thousands of miles.

The standards and practices of some of the telecommuters was less than ideal … You’ve heard of the expression, “One bad apple can spoil the barrel.” Apparently, enough questionable practices surfaced to compel the new division chief, formerly with 2 major high tech companies, to re-examine this practice and eliminate it … at least for the moment.

What impact will this move have on industry in general and on law firms in particular? The debate has festered for years in large law firms, with the desire for telecommuting seeminly winning … HP may be opening the door on yet another movement, this time back to the office where people can physically and frequently interact with one another to make the entire team effort more effective and more productive!

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Kevin O’Keefe suggests that blogs and RSS feeds are still much more important than podcasts.

But, check out our podcasts. We’d welcome your comments … and your subscription to our web zine.

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Microsoft Enterprise

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the “big folks” from MS while at the ABA‘s TechShow in Chicago at a great dinner thrown by techie, RossKodner.

We were talking about some of MS’s new adventures … One of the items of discussion was their search engine efforts …. (more…)

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FREE Book of Blogs-Blawgs

TechnoLawyer is offering its book of listings of the best blogs. See it today!

They’re also having a contest: How many folks click on their book from a given blog. So, if you go there from, for example (from THIS blog), LawBiz gets credit.

Hope you find this book as interesting as I did. This whole world of blogging is still new to me and I’m not sure who’s reading my comments and, if you’re reading this, what you do with the information and thoughts that I express.

As a side note and request, if you think I’ve said something significant, please let me know via e-mail ( It’s comforting to know that folks are reading these posts. Also, if you have topics you’d like me to address in the management of a law firm, please let me know that as well.

As a further side note, look for our podcasts! We will make an announcement in the next few days. I’m really excited about converting the efforts of the last ten years of publishing our monthly Audio Magazine to the new technology, podcasts.

Stay tuned!

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Gotomypc v. Windows Remote Desktop

TechnoLawyer member Edward F. Harney, Jr. asks:

“I am somewhat baffled at why folks would want to use, especially in a small firm setting. We used PCAnywhere for years but switched to the Remote Desktop Connection application that comes free with Windows XP… (more…)

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Right of privacy – Technology

The other day, I made a tentative appointment with someone. The next thing I know there is a link in my Outlook with the date, etc. I didn’t insert it. The other person did and it was emailed to me and automatically inserted into my system. (more…)

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