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Ed interviews Conraad Saam, chief marketing officer of Avvo

In this interview, Ed discusses Avvo with its chief marketing officer, Conraad Saam. Conrad has worked his entire career in on-line marketing efforts for children’s products and services. He says that “kids try anything, while lawyers resist change. You have to put the brakes on kids and press on the gas for lawyers.” Today, Avvo puts consumers together with lawyers. Learn about Avvo by listening to this “must hear” discussion.

30 minutes, 41 seconds

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Dr. Bill Saleebey discusses the finer points of moving a law practice

Our topic today is on smartly moving your law office.

Most of us don’t appreciate the finer points of moving furniture, boxes of files, computers and all the other paraphernalia that makes up a typical law office… while not losing billable hours!

Dr. Bill Saleebey provides some clues to achieving a successful move in this interview with Ed.

Couple his words of wisdom with Chapter 36 of Ed’s best selling book, The Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law (2nd ed.), and you will be assured of success!

22 minutes, 34 seconds

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Cookie Lewis Discusses Law Library Audits

What is a library audit, and how can law firms save huge sums of money by conducting such an audit? Cookie Lewis, M.S.L.S. is president of Askinfomania, a legal and business research firm, who conducts such audits. As a legal information strategist, she works with law firms to maximize their return on investment in their library resources and other law library management issues. In her interview with Ed, she discusses such audits, why law firms should consider having one, and how law firms can save many dollars of overhead with the right audit results.

22 minutes, 28 seconds

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Maurice Vincent discusses In-House Litigation Support Services

Maurice Vincent is the CEO of In-House Litigation Support Services which provides a full suite of Attorney services and litigation support that allows law firms and internal counsel to outsource these areas cost effectively. This type of service allows law firms to focus on their core competencies. Maurice, in our interview, first defines the term, “litigation support,” and then describes what litigation support providers should be doing for law firms. Ed draws from Maurice how law firms can save money and better serve their clients while using this “out-sourced” service.

26 minutes, 33 seconds

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Derek Flower discusses the new Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500

Derek Flower is Senior Account Manager for Fujitsu’s Imaging Products Group.

He talks with Ed again, this time about the new ScanSnap S1500. This, according to Ed, is one of the best tools lawyers can have within their immediate reach. And the cost belies the benefits the ScanSnap delivers.

Listen to Ed and Derek discuss the benefits of this latest entry from Fujitsu.

17 minutes, 00 seconds

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Maridee F. Edwards discusses civility with Ed.

Maridee F. Edwards is an attorney and mediator in the area of professional licensing and ethics matters in Jefferson City, Missouri. She is former Bar counsel for the Missouri Bar and speaks with Ed about civility in the profession.

There has been a recent fervor about teaching lawyers “civility” when dealing with other counsel and adverse parties. Aren’t these the principles we should have learned at our mother’s (and father’s) knees, but somehow seem not to have learned? Are more influenced by “everything is fair in love and war,” believing that the adversary system, by definition, is akin to war?

Therefore, everything the lawyer does is “fair” as long as not prohibited by some code. With the fallout in the economy and corresponding pressure on the legal community, is this becoming more acute?

Is the legal profession guilty of misconduct or rather merely reflective of what is happening in the rest of our society?

Maridee and Ed elaborate on this issue and what lawyers need to do in order to both effectively represent clients and stay away from violating rules of professional conduct.

30 minutes, 05 seconds

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Darryl Cross of LexisNexis discusses differences between marketing and selling.

Darryl Cross is the Vice President of Client Profitability for LexisNexis. In this position, he reviews the marketing efforts of many lawyers and law firms. After all, it’s marketing… and selling… that creates the revenue from which profitability will result. Darryl discusses with Ed the differences between marketing and selling… and why lawyers either fear or hate to sell their professional services. Darryl and Ed also discuss several easy ways in which reluctant lawyers can be more effective and thus thrive in this downturned economy.

22 minutes, 24 seconds

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