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Interview with Alexis Martin Neely

Alexis Martin Neely is a graduate of a major university law school, first in her class, clerked for a judge in the 11th circuit and then joined a major, prestigious law firm.  But, her real-life experiences in the law didn’t match her original expectations. Our interview addresses what those expectations and experiences were. What should a lawyer do who no longer likes to practice law? Alexis has advice for lawyers in this position. Law is a loving, caring, and helping profession. Why don’t some clients understand this? Listen to Alexis. As we start the new year, it is good to review these questions and answers.

17 minutes, 51 seconds

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Ed Interviews Andy Birol, business growth consultant and author of The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth

Andy Birol is a business growth consultant and author of The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth (CareerPress, 2006); he has advised over 350 business owners and is an expert contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Week, among others. He discusses how attorneys can best impact the business clients they advise and how the attorney can best work together with the client’s team of consultants and other experts.

16 minutes, 57 seconds

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Peter Brusso Interviews Ed Poll at CA Bar

Peter Brusso, CEO of Infocard.cc, works with service businesses to create small CD-ROM business cards. He interviewed Ed at Ed’s State Bar of California annual conference booth in September, 2007. Peter is also CEO of podcastingforlawyers.com.

In this first interview Ed discusses the importance of a business plan. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Interview 1
13 minutes, 50 seconds

In this second interview Ed discusses the power of coaching and mentoring and the importance of learning how to run a business.

Interview 2
11 minutes, 28 seconds

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Jim Arden talks about Internet Security

Jim Arden, a California litigating attorney who focuses on attorney malpractice and legal ethics, discusses the issues of computer security. Technology is a great tool that allows us to be more effective and more efficient. Along the way, however, we can have our tools corrupted. Jim Arden delineates some of the problems with wireless computers in our current environment. Jim asks questions such as: Will your refrigerator be the transmitter of a virus to your computer network? (Did you ever think this was possible?) What security protection will you need this year? Is virus protection, spyware and firewalls enough? Listen to Jim Arden for the answers… and more.

24 minutes, 42 seconds

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Ed Interviews Debbie Epstein, founder and principal or Flex-Time Lawyers LLC

In this interview, Ed speaks with Debbie Epstein about diversity in the law firm with specific focus on gender issues. Debbie is the founder and principal of Flex-Time Lawyers LLC, who helps law firms address gender issues — specifically, how to retain women in their ranks. Women, in many of the top ranked law schools, comprise more than 50% of the graduating classes, and have for quite a few years. Yet, this percentage is not reflected as law firm partners, management or committee members. What is the reason for this and why is it important?

25 minutes, 35 seconds

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Ed Interviews Scott Simmonds, Insurance Consultant for Buyers

Today Ed Interviews Scott Simmonds, an insurance consultant for buyers and lawyers. Scott talks about common mistakes that lawyers make when buying both general business and professional liability insurance. He also provides some key clues on how to improve not only your purchasing power but also your coverage.

Scott was a general agent for 20 years and has consulted with buyers for the last 7. While he works out of Maine, his consulting is national in scope.

Listen now for ideas on how to reduce your overhead and increase your protection.

33 minutes, 47 seconds

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