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Change of Plea Out the Window!

Posted in In The News, Personal Thoughts
Most prosecutors will negotiate with accused offenders. Obviously, this is done to move the trial court calendar along, eliminate the need to tie up resources that could be used elsewhere, truly not needed when the defendant is willing to change a plea. Even in civil matters, parties negotiate settlements in order to achieve reasonable business… Continue Reading


Posted in Coaching, In The News, Management
The conduct of lawyers, not just litigators, continues to go “south.” Why is this? Have the teachings of our mothers and fathers gone unheeded? Or, in this more litigious world, and the greater incidence of divorce (most of which is with great conflict), do manners, good taste and just plain “niceness” go out the window?… Continue Reading

Funded Jobs

Posted in Articles, In The News, Management
In today’s newspaper, Don J. DeBenedictis, staff writer for the Journal, discusses law schools’ new approach to help law school graduates find jobs. This idea is one of several being discussed to match the supply and demand of legal services. It is clear that there is a greater demand for legal services than is now… Continue Reading

ADA applies to bar applications also

Posted in In The News
The Department of Justice has accused more than one bar association of violating the Americans With Disabilities Act.Louisiana and Vermont licensure systems inquired as to the mental health of applicants. Apparently, some of the same questions of which the complaint by DOJ is registered are asked in a standard national Conference of Bar Examiners questionnaire.… Continue Reading

Licensing of tax preparers

Posted in In The News
The IRS lost its appeal to institute competency exams for as many as 700,000 paid tax preparers. The federal court said the IRS lacked the authority to impose the new rules without congressional authorization. While this argument would not likely hold water as concerns additional licensing requirements for lawyers, the arguments used rang a bell.… Continue Reading

Comment: Conflict of interest

Posted in In The News
In today’s WSJ, there is an article about investment industry fiduciaries. Apparently, the Department of Labor is moving forward in requiring brokers and investment advisers to avoid conflicts of interests. And, the SEC, under the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law of 2010 can develop different standards for brokers and advisers. The latter group must avoid conflicts,… Continue Reading

The Problem with Bankruptcy Isn’t Attorneys’ Fees, It’s Executive Incompetence – As Posted in Alan Weiss’s Contrarian Consulting Blog.

Posted in In The News
Recently my article about Who Sets The Lawyer Fees was used as a guest blog by Alan Weiss.  The blog discusses the recent Wall Street Journal article about the Justice Department’s attempt to control fees that the bankruptcy lawyers seek, and the possibility that the U.S. Trustee Program may now be entering the fray. In… Continue Reading

Noted Law Firm Strategist Ed Poll Offers Books on Kindle

Posted in In The News
Five LawBiz Management publications available immediately in Amazon’s electronic format Venice, CA – November 4, 2011. Attorneys and law firms who are looking to improve the profitability of their practices now have a new way to access the practical guides to profit of award-winning law business management coach and consultant Ed Poll. Effective immediately, five… Continue Reading

Watergate – Redux

Posted in In The News
California now has its own Watergate … Seems it wasn’t enough that favorite son Pres. Nixon, became enmeshed with the Watergate scandal that ultimately forced his resignation. California has imported its own version with Sara Palin … The shredding of a contract and refusal of a public-related entity to disclose the contract arrangements with Ms.… Continue Reading

New webinar available for download

Posted in In The News
  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   ExecSense Publishes Webinar on How to Market Yourself as a Banking Lawyer in 2010, Led By Edward Poll of LawBiz Management Company and Edward Poll & Associates, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) (February 11th, 2010) Ed Poll, LawBiz Management Company and Edward Poll & Associates, Inc.., has been selected by the… Continue Reading

Law schooling begins

Posted in In The News
On Tuesday, May 5th, at 9 a.m. PT/12 Noon ET, I will hold my first class for Solo Practice University. We will open with a prepared session about strategic business planning for approx. 1/2 hour and then conduct an open mic session to address all questions of interest to you.… Continue Reading

Canadian lawyers share best practices

Posted in In The News, Management, Marketing
In October, managing partners from across the country gathered at the Canadian Bar Association’s third annual high level conference created to focus specifically on their issues.  They came together in Montreal to exchange ideas and discuss best practices. The Lawyers Weekly wrote about the conference and, particularly, my remarks.… Continue Reading