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A global market reacts

Posted in In The News, Management, Personal Thoughts
As we begin to look at how the profession will change in 2015 and beyond, we must look at the Australian market. Here, large accounting firms are  adding major law practice components to their stable of professionals. In at least two instances, more than 100 lawyers were engaged by accounting firms. Multi-disciplinary connections are back… Continue Reading


Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management, Personal Thoughts
In yesterday’s news, the Oakland A’s (the best team at this point of the season) announced trades that brought them 2 outstanding pitchers. Why did they do this? After reading Moneyball, you will know why. Teams’ trade activities highlight the two seasons of baseball, the first that will end in a few days and the… Continue Reading

Change of Plea Out the Window!

Posted in In The News, Personal Thoughts
Most prosecutors will negotiate with accused offenders. Obviously, this is done to move the trial court calendar along, eliminate the need to tie up resources that could be used elsewhere, truly not needed when the defendant is willing to change a plea. Even in civil matters, parties negotiate settlements in order to achieve reasonable business… Continue Reading

The seller doesn’t even know …

Posted in Marketing, Personal Thoughts
This evening my wife and I went to dinner.  It was a pleasant Southern California evening with the sun still shining.  The wind was blowing but the gusts were significantly less than yesterday.  We walked from our home.  We decided to go to a sushi restaurant near our house.  We were about 10 minutes early… Continue Reading

Defense counsel protest Congressional cut in funds

Posted in Personal Thoughts
Can you imagine criminal defense lawyers going on strike because Congress decreased the money available for Legal Aid? Justice delayed is justice denied!  Our brethren in England have done just that! And just before the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the basis of our entire legal system! England leads the way… Continue Reading

Safety first

Posted in Personal Thoughts
I’m pleased to note that California’s AB 1371, known as the Three Feet for Safety Act, becomes law in 2014. California is the 23rd state to establish a minimum buffer zone around bicycles that ride on public roads. It’s about time! Motorists passing a bike must allow at least three feet of space between the… Continue Reading

Can an illegal alien legally practice law?

Posted in Personal Thoughts
The California Supreme Court heard arguments this week in the matter of Mr. Garcia, an illegal alien, though with proper credentials, not to be deported. His request: Grant him a license to practice law now that he has passed the bar. Like a model prisoner, he has been a model citizen.  But, does a model… Continue Reading

Building a bike, made in America‏

Posted in Personal Thoughts
"Made in America," a new slogan started by ABC television some time ago is represented by Bike Friday. They are one of the few bike manufacturers left in this country, having been started more than 20 years ago.  Not only do they have a unique product, they also have a unique service creed. See the… Continue Reading

State Bar: Friend or Foe?

Posted in Personal Thoughts
Jim Heiting, former president of the State Bar of California, commented on my article in LawBiz® Tips last week. He said, "I fully agree with your article about bar associations … and the new push to create more unemployment and less opportunity for the solo and small practitioner. Why not develop a [Bar] program that… Continue Reading

Is law school necessary?

Posted in Personal Thoughts
The standard for competence is generally considered to be passing a test. If this is true and if you can pass the State Bar exam, the test in this case, why should we require 3 years of law school? Looking at the law school curriculum, can we truly say that this learning (e.g., 3 years… Continue Reading

Wisdom revised

Posted in Personal Thoughts
From Alan Weiss, my coach, who develops pithy sayings to sum up the human experience. In his latest one, he says  It’s not "garbage in, garbage out" these days. It’s "garbage in, garbage gets stuck and clogs everything up." So let’s look at the world as it is and, to paraphrase another saying, work with… Continue Reading

Do you need a little inspiration to keep going?

Posted in Personal Thoughts
Last night, I saw the film, Life of Pi. It was a uniquely inspirational story of survival, a boy on a stranded raft in the Pacific Ocean. There are parallels in today’s legal world where sole and small firm practitioners are struggling in the waves of our economy. Today, I received a question from a reader,… Continue Reading

Treat Yourself Well

Posted in Personal Thoughts
I am in another cycling camp this week. This is the second one in two months. I’ve never treated myself this well before. Isn’t it time that you think of yourself as well? I met with a client in the Southeast last week; he used to go the “Y’ regularly until recently; he became so… Continue Reading