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There’s a reason for everything …

Seth Godin says there’s a reason for everything. What’s your reason?

Put another way, without clients there is no reason to be a lawyer. Why do so many lawyers have complaints registered against them by their very own clients? Why is it that clients (otherwise known as customers) are not put on a pedestal, are not revered for their providing a livelihood, and are not cherished for providing us with an interesting and challenging way to spend our time?

What is your reason for practicing law? How does that reason enable you to be more effective for the benefit of your clients … and therefore more profitable, enabling you to provide a good living for those you love?

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Congratulations to Dennis Kennedy who celebrates his birthday on February 17th. He’s taking a week to celebrate!

Dennis, your note hits home with me since my birthday is February 16th. And, this year, without knowing about what you’re doing, I decided to celebrate for an entire week, as well. In fact, I’m going to celebrate by going to a pro cycling camp from 2/18 to 2/25!

This is my 65th! And I’m truly excited. Even the government is celebrating with me this year — They sent me a special birthday present: My very own Medicare card!

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Can a lawyer have a “balanced” life?

Most people think that lawyers have “no life.” Being a lawyer is demanding, both in terms of skill and in terms of time spent working. Is there such a thing as a balanced life for lawyers? Is this a myth?

One law firm, Pittsburgh’s Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP believes it will get more from its lawyers by demanding less.

The eyes of other law firms will be on KLNG and other such firms to see if they remain economically viable while allowing/encouraging its lawyers to take time off, become involved in other interests and, in effect, have a life outside of the law firm. (more…)

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Schiavo – A tale of incompetence and conflicts

The attorney for the parents of Florida’s famous Schiavo case is getting an award for distinction. Yet, the North Country Gazette details the incompetence and fraudulent conduct of both this attorney and judges involved in the case.

This is fascinating reading … and highlights areas of common sense that lawyers must address. Conflicts of interest and incompetence are not to be taken lightly! It is when one or both of these transgressions occur that clients justifiably sue lawyers, not because they’ve been charged too much!

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