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Ed Interviews Mimi Donaldson, Co-author of Bless Your Stress: It Means You’re Still Alive!

Bless Your Stress: It Means You’re Still Alive! Written by Ed’s guest, Mimi Donaldson, and Leslie Charles. Most of us are concerned by the high stress of our lives, but Mimi suggests that our stress comes from within. While an outside events may be provocation, it is our attitudes toward the outside events that create our stress. She points out that the same event can cause severe reactions from one person with none or little reaction from another. And, it’s the "pause" button in our brain that allows us to handle the stress in a more reasoned way. Listen to the author who says it’s better to think like a winner than a whiner!

20 minutes, 39 seconds

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Recycling Electronic Equipment

Ed Interviews Russ Ruffolo, Asset Recovery and Recycling Coordinator of MRK Group LTD in Elgin, Illinois. Though based in Elgin, his company’s focus is national. Russ will talk about recycling electronic equipment. In California alone, 6,000 computers become obsolete daily! And 680 million computers will become obsolete within the next few years! What happens to them? Russ will discuss the importance of recycling, the methods of recycling and what to look for.

14 minutes, 21 seconds

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Microsoft Office 2007 for Lawyers

Donna Payne is president and founder of Payne Consulting Group, a training and development company headquartered in Seattle, WA. She and the company have authored 12 books on Microsoft Office including the best-selling series: Word for Law Firms and Excel for Law Firms. She was an original member of the Microsoft Legal Advisory Counsel and is a frequent speaker at legal and technical conferences.

Donna discusses with Ed the new Microsoft Office 2007 and the dramatic differences between this edition and all of Microsoft’s previous formats.

This edition is truly a remarkable switch in format that will require users to pay attention.

25 minutes, 27 seconds

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Registered E-mails

Ed Poll interviewes Zafar Khan, chief executive officer of RPost, a new electronic registered mail system that allows you to both certify receipt of mail by the recipient as well as the contents of the attachments.  Not even the U.S. Postal service can do the latter. It’s the next best thing to having someone watch the recipient read your post. And, the best part, you don’t even have to sign up for the service, just pay for the post as you use it. Listen for more details as Ed interviews Zafar.

21 minutes, 24 seconds

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Outsourcing Helps Lawyers Deal with Increased Secretarial Needs

Ed interviews Don Garrison of Quik Sek, a virtual dictation service. He discusses how his company uses “outsourcing” to help lawyers deal with increased secretarial needs. He talks about the company’s technology to help lawyers deal with forgotten or never-learned dictation skills needed to use his service. Listen now to this interesting conversation.

14 minutes, 41 seconds

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“Make more money… HEAPS more money!” – Part 2

In this podcast, Ed continues the interview with Australian-based Winston Marsh. Winston is a professional speaker and a marketing guru who helps businesses make more money … heaps more money. This segment continues by shedding light on his unique 2 x 2 x 2 formula to substantially increase your revenue.

An important lesson from Winston is that the work we do is what fuels our dreams. He suggests that we must live our life in a way that achieves our dreams before they carry us off, not after. That may be a great reason to listen to Winston again – to achieve greater success sooner so we have the wherewithal to achieve those dreams.

28 minutes, 04 seconds

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“Make more money… HEAPS more money!” – Part 1

Winston Marsh, a professional speaker based in Australia, is a marketing guru who helps businesses make more money … heaps more money.  In this first half of this fascinating interview, Winston addresses his distinctive license plate that helps him remember a key rule in marketing; as well as his unique formula for substantially increasing your revenue.  You’ll hardly be able to wait for next week for the second half.

27 minutes, 40 seconds

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