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Happy Spring

Spring is here! Does that mean Spring Cleaning to you?

Here’s an idea to consider: Many folks begin to clean their offices in the Spring; there’s a lilt in the air and a desire/need to rebirth one’s environment.

At this time of year, perhaps you’ll look at your storage room. Would you like to get rid of some of the old files? Would you like to reduce your storage expenses? Would you like to feel just a bit “lighter” knowing that you have less paper to store? (more…)

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BLOG — A web log

The Blog tool, created by Six Apart, a company in Northern California, is a classic business case. Started by a married couple, the blog almost stayed as a hobby or personal toy. Only because the couple (both of whose fathers are lawyers) were accused of having little or no ambition, did they focus and are now succeeding well beyond their original concepts. (more…)

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How do you bill for contract attorneys

When you have a contract attorney work for you, how do you bill your client? How do you write his/her time on your bill?

This issue has been litigated. The conclusion is that the contract attorney is not an out-of-pocket cost for billing purposes. You are not required to bill the client at the cost to you for his/her time. You may bill the client for the contract attorney at an “attorney’s rate” or any reasonable rate you establish in your engagement agreement acceptable to the client. (more…)

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Is that all there is? Is making partner the end?

The late Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun once said, “A wedding is an event; a marriage is an achievement.” Much the same could be said about the attainment of ownership in your professional practice. Your ascension is an event; partnership is an achievement. And so the analogy goes that a law firm partnership is much like a marriage and a breakup much like a divorce. Life repeats itself in business.

James Cotterman lists 12 tasks or steps that the new partner must consider

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Negotiating tips from Alan Weiss

One of the best consultants I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from has put together several tips on negotiating:

– Start from a very strong position and work your way down from there. Surprisingly, your strong position may be accepted as is. That applies to payment terms, fee levels, etc.
– Understand your “musts” and don’t sacrifice them for mere “wants.” Give in on the discretionary things, fight to the finish on the critical things.
Listen more than you talk. Don’t attempt to fill silences.
– Try not to go one-on-ten. Negotiate with one person, not a team if at all possible. Otherwise, you’ll have a roomful of people trying to impress each other at your expense.
Don’t burn bridges. This is business, don’t take it personally. Neither gloat nor pout, do not celebrate or seek revenge. Move on.

Suggested Reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

�� Alan Weiss, 2005 All rights reserved.

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